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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Don't think so. Nadal beat Fed for the first time at 17, Djoko at 20, Murray too and Fed was the #1, the others nowhere near their prime. If they had been the same age, it would have been worse since Fed's level in 2000-2002 was considerably worse than his 2004-2007 level. He would have had to change his game to adapt and who knows if he could have?
yeah, that's just you being clueless, that's what they said when hewitt, nalbandian, agassi , henman owned him before 2004 ..... since then he absolutely crushed them ...

face it, peak federer would be heads and shoulders above all of them except nadal on clay ....

and if they were of the same age, fed-nadal would've played more matches outside of clay and federer would've more of those, gaining more confidence rather than losing confidence because he happened to go consistently deep in CC tourneys whereas rafa was getting blasted off court by the likes of blake, youzhny etc in HC tournaments ...

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