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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
That is exactly my point. Fed established his domination before Nadal, Djoko and Murray broke through. He was very dominant and had tons of confidence (from beating up on Roddick, Hewitt and co). If instead of those guys, his contemporaries had been Murray, Djoko and Nadal, you think he would have established such a crushing domination in the first place? I doubt it.
Huh? What has that got anything to do with Federer taking out Murray and Djokovic, when well out of his prime and reaching no. 1?
Hell, if this Fed can give the so-called strong-era guys a run for their money (not to mention with all the "slow-court" advantages they have for their backboarding), he sure as hell can take care of them with a younger set of legs.
Not to mention Fed had his struggles with Hewitt too. He overcame those and he would overcome these guys well enough.
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