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Originally Posted by Federer20042006 View Post
I don't want to throw around accusations regarding particular players, but I'm not naive. Lance Armstrong and co. have piled onto the mountains of evidence that all sports are full of cheating. Well, if you can even call it "cheating" given how widespread it is.

If it comes to a point where we learn doping is widespread in tennis, it's also going to come to a point where all the top guys are implicated eventually.

Is there anyone here who is confident the vast majority of the Top 100 players on tour are clean? The more I learn about the prevalence of this in other sports, the more suspicious I grow of tennis players.
I don't think about it when I'm watching matches. Never really thought about it before I started posting on this crazy forum tbh. Not that I don't think it happens, I just never thought about it until I started posting here, mostly because I don't think about it when I watch matches. If you spend all your time thinking about it you'll never enjoy the matches.
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