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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I've been playing around with strings on the Ki5 315.

First I put in Prince Premier Attack 16g in black in a full bed at around 24kgs. This is a nice string and plays well but is a little stiff. I wouldn't call it arm friendly but I also wouldn't call it unfriendly. If there is one thing that really characterizes this string it is DURABILITY. I normally break multis in about 6 hours of play but get at least 10 out of PPA.

I got a reel of Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16g in black and started playing around with it at around 24kgs. As a full bed this is a great string for comfort, and the power and spin are what I always get with other strings. Really impressive comfort, but durability is typical for a multi, even maybe a tad less. 5-6 hours and pop. I think it may last longer but when stringing it in a full bed the crosses start to notch the mains and vice versa and there are many tiny notches all over by the end of the stringing. When pulling the crosses it sounds like a violin playing. Maybe this is because of the black coating?

So, since I normally break crosses, I put the PPA in the crosses at 23kg and the MCS in the mains at 24kg. It works just great and I am still getting 10 hours a stringjob and the comfort is improved. Spin is impressive and there is more than enough power. Interestingly, the PPA doesn't notch the MCS when stringing either.

Anyway, this is a great hybrid for the Ki5 315. The extremes in comfort and durability between these two strings balances out and provides a stringbed that is both
very comfortable and durable. And the cost of these strings is not so bad either and playability wise is just as good as a full bed of XCel Premium but at half the cost.
I think breaking crosses is the exception rather than the rule, so I'm thinking your style must be unique. I usually break mains, and MCS lasted me less than 5 hours. PPA will last me 10-12 hours if I don't break it in under 5 on a shank. I agree that PPA and MCS are both very playable. I just don't particularly like MCS on volleys because I want something more crisp at net. I'm experimenting mostly with gut and using multis as a backup. I think natural gut and RIP Control are the only non-poly strings I found that I can depend on to not break early on shanks.
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