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Originally Posted by heartattack View Post
supposed to be 7B. & one of my tie off main i place it on 9B. just notice it after finishing my crosses.
will it damage my racquet?
If your tie offs are 7&9B then your bottom skips were 8&10B. When you tie off the mains at 9B you have two strings blocking 8B on each side (not good) and your outside main in 10B will be farther from the tie off and because of the greater drawback (more distance) you will have lower tension on the outside mains. Neither of these will damage your racket, but I would not do either even if the manufacturer recommends it as in your case.

If you are having problems getting your (tie off) tail in 9B you can pre-weave the two outside mains which may require a starting clamp bridge if your string is too short.
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