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federer does some things differently from 2007. his strokes have gone through some tweaks and he's exploiting different angles especially on the backhand side. he's obviously not in his prime, but still it doesn't mean that he hasn't made some adjustments tactically (mentally, intellectually) to compensate for a slight erosion in physical ability and how that might manifest itself on the tennis court. i've often wondered that if he had made the choice to inject some of that wisdom earlier from 2005-2008, the contests on clay between him and nadal might have been different. in his prime, he relied too often on trying to match nadal physically as if he were a brute instead of playing smarter tennis. anyway, all great athletes go through this stage. i think of michael jordan in the last few years with the bulls. he became smarter and held off on the physical antics, managing his energy more efficiently, but make no mistake, he could still show off the repertoire (sky, dunk and dazzle) when he wanted to.
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