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Originally Posted by hedera View Post
I don't really care if any one of them uses PED. It would not change my opinion of them because they are all great athletes and I'm sure that no matter what kind of substance they might be using it hasn't miraculously turned them into super humans. There is still hard work behind it all.

The rules in place against certain substances are an arbitrary system. What might be banned today, could easily be allowed tomorrow. So who is to decide what is wrong, bad, good etc.? All it takes is a change in perspective.

I would allow it. Demonizing certain substances only results in pointlessly judging great athletes who most likely would've stood apart from their peers anyway, with or without PED.
I agree. I really don't care if any one of the top 4 (using them because they're the most important) is doping. To me anyway, it's quite obvious that all 4 of them have immense amounts of talent that is greater than everybody else with or without PED's. The whole Armstrong thing is a sham anyway. Yes he cheated, and he got caught, but I'd say 95% maybe more are using in cycling. I'm far from an Armstrong apologist, but the fact that he won 7 TDF using drugs just shows me he was the best among users which as I said is probably almost everybody in cycling. So what makes anybody think that he wouldn't win 7 TDF if everybody was clean including himself?
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