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Lightbulb The Hoenn era

I believe that this era of tennis should be called the Hoenn era because it ever reminds me of my beloved Pokemon emerald game (R.I.P.). The battle between Rafa and Fed was like the battle between kyogre and groudon, two nearly unstoppable forces colliding with devastating power, each triumphant in his own element( slow vs. fast courts), but also successful at his weakest point.
Then came Rayquaza (Djokovic) to stop their fight and to show that their was a new king in town. He proved that they weren't the only ones who could wreak mass destruction(win a lot of tournaments).
And then in steps Andy Murray, that one trainer (Ash and the like) who, while not as singularly powerful as them, could still hang with these powerhouses and come out on top every once in a while.

And this is why i i think of this as the Hoenn era of tennis.
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