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Originally Posted by Hood_Man View Post
Depends what they mean as better. He'll have more skills, knowledge, experience & tactics now than he had back then, it's just that his body lets him down more often than it would have in the past.
Fed in 2006 for instance played 97 matches, back in the days of 5 set masters finals, and still managed to win 12 tournaments throughout the year. Last year Fed played 83 matches, his highest since 2006, and looked completely gassed post-Cincinnati.
This pretty much. Federer's "tennis bag" (what he can do, how well he does it) is bigger and better: I think this is what Cahill and Federer himself is referring to. But his consistency has naturally suffered.

A lot of people talk about Federer's superior game in his heyday and with good reason; but they overlook the fact that what made him successful was ultimately his ability to play well (use his tennis bag to its fullest so to speak) almost all the time, during a match and during an entire year.
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