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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
well. there is some truth to this. he is mentally very strong now and seems to dismantle his opponents with strategy as much as with his brilliant shotmaking and seemingly effortless movement.

can anyone here be so kind to pull up the win-loss statistics for the past few year so we can do a comparison by year? the empirical evidence might surprise us.
If we solely go by win-loss statistics and/or # of titles won one might conclude that Nadal's best year is 2005 so obviously a flawed method.

However if we go that way Fed's winning % was 84%, 83% and 84% last 3 years (2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively) while in his "glory" days (say 2004-2006 as a 3 year period) his winning % was 93%, 95% and 95%.

So 83,66 % average in last 3 years and 94,33 % in those years he was supposedly a worse player.

Originally Posted by President View Post
I think that is a function of his loss of explosiveness(IMO due to mono) though, he isn't as quick to get the racquet on the ball.
It's possible, whatever the reason it's one of the biggest differences IMO compared to his best days.

That coupled with his worse movement (which in turn also makes his transition from defense to offense worse than what it once was) made him much more vulnerable to big hitters these days even though he was considered to be a nightmare match-up for that style of play in his best years.
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