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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Play the sports you love and concentrate on academics as far as financial aide goes. If your talent blossoms, the athletic scholarships will be there.
I agree. I was going to ask why the importance on getting a scholarship? If it's a money thing, there is good aide out there. Tennis and CC have fewer scholarship opportunities than "main stream" sports, so it's going to be harder to get them.

College is to prepare for a career. Your career is not going to be a tennis player or a runner, so pick the school that is best for your career goals. Then, try and play the sport you love. You never know what can happen. I picked a school that fit my career goals best, and got two partial scholarships - one for track and field and the other for academics. After two years, I got burned out on track and made the basketball team as a walk-on. Basketball was the sport I loved most, not so coincidentally.

As to whether it's worth the time and money. I say yes! You will likely not get a monetary return on the money, but you will be good at a sport you can play for the rest of your life.
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