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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
Simon sure makes a lot of balls. just had 71 shot rally in the match against monfils. and every point is around 20 shot rally. rec player emulating that would simply be called a pusher.

Seriously though I don't like the emulating idea. It just doesn't work to help improve at rec level. I'd say take lessons or study more systematically on internet. and practice and play a lot. watch pros play just to enjoy and maybe set a direction but emulating some random details most of the times fails to achieve anything to help improve.
agreed, emulating players may help if you look at the big picture of the stroke but not random details. more like imitating a players style
if there are some technical details that you want to incorporate in your own game, chances are, these details are widespread thru the atp and not limited to certain players
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