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Default Grape Nuts v. Cheerios

Which do you think are better for you in terms of both weight control and general health, Grape Nuts (nuggets, not flakes) or regular Cheerios?

I LOVE Grape Nuts, and have a eaten at least one cup (2 servings) of them every morning with whole or 2% milk for years. But I'm thinking of making the switch to Cheerios.

Cheerios's serving size is different, and I think that's a psychological help to possibly eating less. If I can live with two cups of Cheerios each morning, as opposed to the one cup of Grape Nuts I'm used to, i will eating 40 grams of carbs and 200 calories of cereal each morning instead of the 96 grams of carbs and 400 calories of cereal I was eating each morning. That's got to be better for fat control, yes?

Am I missing anything here in terms of weight control or general health? Any other factors worth considering?
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