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Originally Posted by aggietex08 View Post
Is it just me or does the Y in the blade look huge?
I don't think it's any larger than the previous versions' throats. I think it's also normal of the blade to have a bit of a longer throat, but it causes the handle to be shorter which is annoying at first for a 2HBackhand.

Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
That is great looking bag. 6-pack or 9-pack?
Wilson claims it's their 15 pack, but it's probably mopre comparable to a 9 pack or a 12 pack. I really like this bag, it's a great size- not too big but no too small. Like the previous version of this bag, it is more narrow on the top and then widens at the bottom, which looks sharp. It has moisture and temp guard, and also 4 accessory pockets. On top of it all, the color scheme is really classy. Overall really happy with it.
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