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You failed to mention the model you own.

Briefly, as you've probably already heard, polys stretch less. Strings vary, but you'll know when you first start trying to pull tension on a certain type. You can, as you've noted, hold the bar at an angle, wrap around the rotational gripper, and then let the bar down slowly. Or you can rotate the bar to its lowest position, wrap, and then lift (while holding the gripper) to tension. You may find an angle of the bar at which you can simply wrap the string, and let the bar down to get the bar to (about) horizontal without ever having to ratchet the bar back up (if you have a ratcheting type). NEVER push the bar down. If the bar is too far above horizontal when pulling tension, release the string and try again. Also, remember because polys stretch less that you will need enough string to exit the racquet and reach around the gripper to tension the final mains/cross. Also note, you can feed less string if the bar is above horizontal. Techniques vary slightly based on which gripper type you have on dropweights.
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