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there's more to tennis then just hitting!

You can emulate strategy and tactics from lots of players:
- The way Davydenko moves other players around like marionettes;
- Running down every ball like nadal;
- Court positioning like ferrer;
- Drop shoting people who camp at the baseline the way federer does;
- Grinding away at the baseline until your opponent gives up/makes and error like Gilles Simon;
- Mixing it up with spins and angles from the backhand wing like Gasquet;
- Having grit and not giving up like Roddick/Hewitt;
- Serve out wide, approach volley, the smash like Sampras;
- Enjoying yourself and having fun like Monfils, Tsonga, McEnroe etc...

Sure, you won't execute the same way these guys do, but your opponent's aren't hitting or moving like pros either. It will help you see a different level of tennis that's more than just "am i hitting my strokes properly".

Also, points will seem less random!
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