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Hes overall worse then he was from 2005-2006. But this younger field of players on the rise is making Fed much BETTER and effective then he truly is

When a Mug like Tomic is getting all this hype, thats when you know the sport is DEAD and they are just trying to latch on to the first little bit of hype they can from a player that has a little charisma

They are trying to do everything they can to hype the younger generation of guys up at all costs even with their LACK of talent. Tomic or Raonic or Dimitrov couldn't even lace prime Hewitt's or Roddick's or Safin's, Nalbandians, shoes. Hell they couldn't even lace Davydenkos
LOL so true. I have never seen such a pitiful group of up and comers, both men and women, in all my years following tennis. Donald freaking Young was the youngest player in the top 100 a couple years ago, and he was already 21 (and not very good at all to put it mildly).
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