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Originally Posted by GoaLaSSo View Post
I really hope there is no witchunt in tennis like there is in cycling. This lance armstrong business has been so so silly. The PED's these people use do help, but they are not a magical winning injection/pill. The hard work is still there and if you didn't dope in lance's day there is no way to compete at the top of competition (look at all the guys that have been caught or suspected). Lance may not be a perfect guy, but he was still a pretty good guy. His best friends and long time teammates turned on him to save their own asses or to get their 15 minutes of fame. How would you react to them? I can understand some of the court testimonies from people under oath, but it is very selfish and unloyal to rat on him outside of the setting considering all he stood for and all the good he had done. I do think it was a bit arrogant for lance to keep denying it all these years, but I don't like him any less for it.

I really don't want any tennis players to get in trouble retroactively. I have no problem making testing more extensive and making it so the field can no longer dope, but it is dumb to make an example of the great athletes of any sport. These people are not great because they dope. If doping was wiped entirely from the sporting world, many of the same athletes would be in the same place.
I will say simply that I agree 100%.
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