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Experience, more mental game etc.... etc....


Ask yourself this, Fed 05 vs Fed 13, who wins? Even if Fed 13 knows what's coming, there's nothing he can do about it, once he has got that ball back, another one is fired cross court with ridiculousness pace, and all Fed 13 can do is a little chip back, if anything at all.

No one will ever play tennis as good as that ever ever again, the problem is a lot of people posting on these boards now never even saw it, so they think it's some sort of exaggerated myth. I assure you, it's not.
This is an interesting thought exercise. Remember, a great deal of Fed 05 looking so spectacular quietly relied on the fact that flattish ball strikers were more prevalent on tour in 04-05.
And today's surfaces reward great defense but encourage higher bouncing shots--not a ball striker's delight by comparison.
We see, e.g., how well Roger usually does on low bouncing surfaces like O2...maybe that is because the O2 most closely resembles the surfaces from 04-05.
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