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^Well, power and control huh?

Seems like a contradiction but I get what you're saying.

The 6.1-95, 18x20, for some reason (especially the new one) swings club-like. As in, the balance is off for me. Older versions, in particular the n-code series, fair better in this category.

The 6.1-95 is a strange brew of power (when you're on) and not enough depth (when you're off). It's characteristics don't suit my game, ie- tough on scrambling shots and a defensive type of game.

The Blade (modded) is much more forgiving than the 6.1 95. It has longer mains and is more open, in terms of string-pattern density, thus I get more clearance and spin potential, yet still have a control oriented, 18x20 frame.

Beware, these exact mods on the blade make it feel very old-school and classic. It's plush, soft, very head-light and has a high swing weight and static weight. Not for everyone.

I might settle on a different set-up (less weight) in the end but right now am enjoying the feel and play as is, especially on serve.
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