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^ Dream on. Yes, while Serena did have a stellar year, she still has a lot of catching up to do. She is still way behind Chris Evert & Margaret Court. Most of us, including several list referenced, are considering total (career) achievements, not peak level of play. As I detailed in post #35, even with Serena's stellar 2012 year, there is still a vast gulf between the achievements of Chris and Serena. Ditto for Margaret vs Serena.

Perhaps Serena has overtaken BJK. Perhaps not. Serena has 15 singles slam titles while Billie Jean has 12. OTOH, BJK has a total of 129 singles titles while Serena pales in comparison with 47. If we take a look at total number of grand slam titles, BJK has 41 compared to 30 for Serena.

Note that the WTA Tour records link I provided in post #35 (and below) does not show all the accomplishments of Margaret Court and BJK since most of their career accomplishments pre-dated the WTA.
if it was all about acheivements Court would the GOAT light years ahead of Graf who has even achieved far less in singles, that is without even considering Courts amazing doubles career vs Graf and her non existant one. So your points are pointless, as it is obviously not all about stats even to people like you who milk Graf as the supposed GOAT over past players with superior stats, especialy for players who played before womens tennis even had a remote degree of competitiveness. I am quite sure after what Serena did the last 8 months at age 31 any new all time ranking list would have her in the top 3 or 4, and will only continue to rise from there before any new list comes out again. BTW no list other than the stupid Tennis Channel one would EVER have King even close to top 5 or ahead of any of Serena, Wills, Lenglen, or probably even Connolly. Any credible list would have her at the very bottom of the top 10 between 8th to 10th.

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