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Originally Posted by max View Post
I'm confused about Yonex; Yonex, do you have a business plan?

How many of these do you need to sell to make it work?

I'm skeptical that there would be sufficient market. Can the head size be broadened to 95 square inches without structural problems popping up or excessive weight?

Do you have some distribution notion; I'm guessing chiefly internet sales.

Just curious. I love tennis and I love small business.
I fully understand your skepticism, believe me. I wish I knew all the answers. We view it as a product for a niche. The question is how big is the niche.

As someone was pointing out the PS 85 still sells well, the used 84 sq in Dunlops still sell at premium prices, and Yonex just introduced an 89 sq in. For a subset of players, including myself, a smaller racket is not necessarily an impediment. However, we know that the trend is towards larger rackets. We have to compromise.

95 sq in is not in the plan yet because of weight, balance and flexibility issues. We're trying to stay as close as possible to the tried and true configuration, to maintain the playing characteristics.

If you wish you can visit the company's website and feel free to send questions directly.

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