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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
I agree with the first 2 arguments above, but the 3rd argument is subjective. You can't measure peak play, let alone compare who was playing at the highest level, and who would beat who when playing their best. However I agree that goat status isn't about peak play, but career achievements.

Here is what Steve Flink said about Serena in his book:

"I do think that Serena's performance at the Olympics was the highest technical level we've ever seen from her," he said. "But some of the past greats were champions of a higher order than anyone she's playing right now. I think Steffi Graf, especially, would have done very well against her, with the athleticism, the speed, and a sliced backhand I think would give Serena problems.
so one random non-tennis player says it so it makes it true. by past greats
does he mean evert or does he mean vicario because there is a big difference.
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