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Default Contact Point Videos & Pictures

Originally Posted by corners View Post
I don't know, but I still think it would be better to aim for the center of the strings, or at least along the longitudinal axis. This would seem to give the greatest chance of producing a good shot, although shot speed and spin will vary each time one misses the center, while reducing the chance of clipping the frame and losing the point outright.
I think you are right and thank you for post #192.

Below is set of pictures that show point of contact. They copied from random samplings of following high speed videos:

1. Federer Inside Out Forehand
2. Sharapova Inside Out Forehand1
3. AO 2012 Sharapova Easy Short Ball Forehand Winner
4. AO 2012 Kvitova Forehand Return Serve Winner
5. AO 2012 Kvitova Second Serve Return Forehand
6. AO 2012 Nadal Down the Line Running Forehand
7. AO 2012 Djokovic Baseline Forehand
8. AO 2012 Djokovic Short Ball Forehand
9. AO 2012 Djokovic Down the Line Backhand Winner
10. AO 2012 Djokovic First Serve Forehand Return Winner
11. Lleyton Hewitt Forehand
12. Davydenko Forehand

IMO the best players don’t have tendency to hit ball below of the racquet longitude axis!!!
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