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Wink seems just like yesterday....

Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Notre Dame athletic department is skilled in teflonology...less than two years removed from the death of the videographer and absolutely nothing was said of that tragic lack of concern for safety during their run to the BCS title game.
So during this year's college football season, the media should've kept bringing up an accident (you're recklessly inplying an intentional death) from years back? Yeah, I get the almost irrationally psychotic ND hate whinning from you and others here, but this particular instance of irrelevent pot-stirring is totally out of place. As out of place as the idea of the media bringing up previous Alabama football-related scandals as well. You want to talk about this year? Guess what Chip Kelly just left behind at Oregon on his way to the Eagles HC job? An inpending NCAA investigation. "quack, quack"

This thread is about some metrosexual LB and an veritable AT&T blowup doll.

Oh and you purposely distorted the "less than two years removed" time frame. It is 2013. That accident occured in October, 2010 ftr.

And now it's being reported that the girlfriend and the grandmother had a sexual relationship with each other. This story's getting weirder by the minute.
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