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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Interesting examples.
It seems to me that Rosewall had a better year in 1975, and when you say "not ranked as high" what do you mean? By Tingay? Or by the ATP?
Most points systems would give the higher ranking to 1975.

Certainly, the slam events have a greater value than a minor, but even the minors have varied weight, depending on their tradition or if they are a national title.
The Canadian is the third oldest tennis tournament in the world, and the Italian has a long and distinguished tradition.
I would agree with a weighted points system, which is what I believe is used now.

Rosewall in 1975 was ranked No.6 in the ATP list but not ranked in the top ten by the experts (I rank him at a Co. No.10 place).

All experts would agree that the 1974 Rosewall deserves a higher place than the 1975 Rosewall. You seem to be the only one who neglects top placings apart from tournament wins...

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