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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
I would get the 99S because the 105S was too powerful for me unless you need some power then the 105S is a good choice. But i like the 99S because it gives me controlled power and spin.
I demo'd and ordered 1 of each, if you are used to an OS frame I would go with the 105s. Is it more powerful then the 99s? Of course it is, but the specs are almost identical in swing weight and total weight, and it is actually even more head light then the 99s. It just has a larger sweet spot then the 99s and a very slightly thicker beam, but otherwise it is an amazing frame. It is very hard to find a 105 frame that is very head light like this one as most are even or HH, and most OS frames do not have a SW above 310 or 315 tops.....yet the 105s has a 333.

I do love them both, and my plan is to use the 99 in singles and 105 in doubles for the extra size and extra HL for net play which I prefer, so you cannot go wrong in your decision.
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