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Originally Posted by President View Post
I think Cahill was probably saying more that he wouldn't place much stock in the WTF match as an indicator of how Fed and Nadal will match up in the majors (since the WTF is a totally slow, dead court that doesn't take spin at all, unlike the surfaces the majors are played on). And he was actually right, Fed gave Nadal the beatdown of his life at 2011 WTF and a few months later was beaten at AO (albeit via choke).
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If he meant it that way then he should have said it that way, every match counts regardless of conditions. I could say Nadal beating Fed on high bouncing outdoor surface has no bearing on how he'll do against Fed indoors (or even pre-2002 fast grass) but it would still be ridiculous of me to say that their matches in say Miami or Monte Carlo shouldn't count.
Context, Zagor, context. Cahill was talking about this in the AO preview segment. He must've thought, folks who are listening will understand, without him having to expand. He just meant it doesn't count towards the AO prediction.
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