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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
Racertempo, thanks for the info.

I am definitely leaning towards 105s as with very little modification, I think I can get it playing like my old Prince OS racquets (with more spin!!!).

Damn, and I just switched over to Pure Drive too...
I know I know.........I ended up doing 1 of each because I could not decide, the 99s has a shockingly nice size sweet spot for Wilson and a 99in, and I play Yonex normally due to the sweet spot size. But like I mentioned, it is so hard to find a 104-105in frame with that kind of total weight, SW, and balance. Obviously more power will be there, but you will like it after you get used to the fact that you have to trust that the spin is there and will drop the ball. My biggest problem is that hitting my normal stroke with this frame drops the ball far too short in the court from the spin, but just 1 ball machine session I was trusting it and hitting deeper and harder.

Serves with this thing are the best part, much more kick and spin. Just make sure to get the right string combination for what you like. The recommended tension for the 105 is 57-67, but many people have posted that they did 50 with much much success. I had mine done with full poly at 52, I selected MSV Co-Focus 16g for the 105 and it has a nice soft feel. Too much power, crank the tension up around 60 or 62.
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