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From the early 80's I remember seeing mostly stuff like the Leona 66 mentioned earlier and Victor Imperial (the one that had the blue spiral) being used the most often - both were widely distributed and inexpensive compared to VS or Victor's natural gut. By the mid 80's, Prince's original synthetic gut and "topspin" were very popular, along with (a little later) their "pro blend" that featured the kevlar mains. Was stringing for a shop by then and sold a lot of Gamma, too - mostly the new-at-the-time TNT - but also the different versions of "gamma gut" which were all good performers. Can't remember some of the specific brand/model names right now, but there were also a number of heavily textured sets by the late 80's that were popular with the kids and a pain (literally) to string. One had this extra single strand of material wrapped around it - for enhanced "bite" - that would just tear your fingertips up doing crosses!
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