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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
just got my new Pro One from TW.....

the spec sticker says 309 grams unstrung and now with strings, overgrip and dampener it weighs 335 grams in total..
Does that sound right to you that strings, og and dampener added 20 grams? I am not going to cut out strings to check the unstrung weight right now, but this is definitely heavier than I wanted.

Edit...I guess this is possible. I just weight a full set of poly (19 grams) + overgrip (7 grams) + dampener (2 grams) = total of 28 grams. That would make unstrung weight 310, which is almost exactly on spec.
how are you finding that to play? also what is your swingweight here? i find that to be the real key anyways... kind of like temperature and wind chill.... it's 5 degrees outside but feels like negative 20.... well to me that is negative 20 haha...
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