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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Yes, move to southeast FL Muppet. I absolutely guarantee that you'll be glad you did.

I basically agree with Avles statements re strings. I've been using a racquet (Babolat Y105) with syn gut strings at 54 lbs, and it's easy to hit long with that setup. I had to learn to be much less lazy in my stroking in order to keep the ball in. But now I think I'm ready to move to a smaller head racquet, say 95, strung a little tighter -- not going with poly yet though. I don't think poly is necessary at sub 4.0 levels.

Then again, if you're getting good results due to the poly, then it's hard to argue against that.

Come to think of it, I experimented with a friend's poly-strung Babolat (Pure Drive I think it was) racquet and it did seem to be quite easy to keep the ball in on high-bouncing balls to both fh and bh ... balls that I tend to hit out with my racquet-string setup unless I'm super careful to hit it just right. With the poly setup there seemed to be much more margin for error. It felt a LOT different than my setup ... in a good way.

So, maybe I should get a poly setup to work with and see what happens.
They say to decrease by 10% below your full multi setup, but i'd drop down two lb. lower than that. For 55 lb. multi I'd say 47 lb. poly. I'm hybriding Cyber Flash 1.25 / Hexy Fiber 16 at 48/53 in a Dunlop MuscleWeave 95.
MuscleWeave 200G (353g 8.5 HL), Cyberflash 1.25/multi 1.35, @48/53, dropweight stringer
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