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Originally Posted by Mauvaise View Post

That would be me. I really need to learn how to lob. I know it would help my game, doubles & singles. But I really only lob 'by accident'. I will try to lob from time to time during a match, but it doesn't usually go well.

I feel really bad for any opponent that actually really wants to warm up an overhead because I can not feed a lob to save my life. I do apologise to them and tell them I'll try, but usually they are lucky if they get one good overhead during warm up.
If you can learn a topspin lob, you will immediately rise at least one USTA level.

Take your hopper to the court and set up at the baseline. Toss a ball up into the air and let it bounce. Try to lob it to the other baseline with as much topspin as you can. Fool around with grip, contact point height, shoulder turn. No flat lobs are allowed. You will get it and then it is just a matter of trying it in matches

Hint: The first thing I noticed when I set out to learn to hit good lobs was I needed a SW grip.
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