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Question juice

Originally Posted by T1000 View Post
Not yet. Natty up til now, gonna change soon. I've always had bad acne unfortunately. I'm running one this semester and starting within the next couple of weeks (2/18 at the latest). I'm a late bloomer too so the acne is hitting me at 19,20 instead of 16.

I love weighted dips and chins. I can do 20+ without weight. I use a belt. I can't see doing chains or the head harness being any good for you.
U said u were going to use peds if so which ones? I had friends get ripped on Winstrol-v, get huge on D-bol, Decca, Anadrol and Anavar. Now Test and HGH is all the gear u need unless u r Lance then add in EPO lol!! If I would ever juice I go with Winstrol V and just one 5 mg tab a day to cut up. Yesterday I benched 265 for 15 then 270 for 15 then 275 for 15. Waiting until I hit the wall I would say 285 since that's the most I done for 15. One time I knocked out 20 @ 285 on a smith machine.
305 for 15 REPS, 470 one rep max BENCH PRESS

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