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Originally Posted by star 5 15 View Post
How long it takes people to string.
Speed stringing is not that important. No 1 is the quality of the job.

The speed of the pulling is a factor in stringing. I did a tests with a player (top 100, dunlop max 200g, vs gut 16g, 26 kg) and experimented with the speed of pulling the string (electronic pull). Gave the rackets to the player and he could put them consistently in order of pulling speed. All good jobs to play with but the favorite being the slowest pull.

So to me speed is only important when circumstances requires a quick string job. So a player is on court and playing with his last racket.

So you ask how long it takes. My best day 37 rackets in 12.5 hours, including, gutting out the strings, mounting the frames. Rackets in all brands and ranges, string from poly to syn. to multi (tecnifibre) to gut; 15L to 17g; 17kg to 35 kg.

Stringing Machine: Tecnifibre SP11 Major SPX

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