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Originally Posted by PED View Post
If Bernie is the future of tennis, I'm cool with. Loving the way he's stepped it up this year.

Definitely a brattish quality about him, but he's still a pup and that could change with a few more humblings. Overall I'm just very impressed with how he's changed his game to being a lot more aggressive and going for shots this year, rather than shoveling shots back all day and waiting to see what happens. I was completely OFF of the Tomic bandwagon last year, thought, 'Nah, this guy's a joke, a pusher, won't get anywhere.' Suddenly I'm totally back on the bandwagon, thinking he's a definite Top 10 guy within a year or two.

Right now I think he and Janowicz are the youngsters that will actually break through, get inside the Top 10. Raonic probably as well, but he has such a huge, wide-sweeping forehand that's big but is also error prone.
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