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Seles could really unleash and hit some big slap-shots off both sides. I used to remember Seles as hitting every shot aggressively, every shot as hard as she could, but that's hardly the case.

I've watched plenty of old matches on youtube and she hit a LOT of mid-pace rally shots, really constructed points. Got opponents out of position and then hit her winners. Yes, some very, very powerful shots at times, but overall I wouldn't vote for her.

Both Pierce and Davenport, and even Capriati had natural weight of shot. Even when they weren't purposefully hitting harder, they're standard rally shots just had a natural, heavy powerful weight to them. Clearly, the Williams sisters are powerful as well. Not sure where I'd work them in.

My vote in the end, goes to Pierce or Davenport. When they got into a groove, it was something to watch.

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