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Originally Posted by drak View Post
Thx in advance and let the 99S games begin!
I am interested in "how long does the string last". And as always there will be a difference in the court you play on. Hardcourt vs European red clay.

In the past there was a Snauwaert Hi-Ten racket, was used by one of the Woodies, which had a string pattern of 12*13.

Did string several of them. But the Hi-Ten had special strings. There were 2 available. Snauwaert Natural Gut and a mono string called Dynocraft. Both in thickness 1.8. The gut was nice to play with.

But on red clay a normal gauge string of 1.35, did not last long.

So I do not expect any long life with a 17 string in one of the wilsonS. But interested in results.

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