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Default Two-racket Tennis: The Balanced Workout

Two-Racket Tennis: The two-racket game, unlike its one-racket counterpart, is truly a full-body workout as both sides of the body are utilized in a balanced way to play the game.

Another valuable aspect of the two-racket game is less stress on the arm, now that you have two arms in play. With two-racket tennis you can play more often without wearing yourself out. Hence, you can burn off more calories per week and shed those excess pounds. It's ideal for those tennis enthusiasts who would like to play more than 3 times per week with less risk of injury.

Two-racket tennis affords the player a number of practical benefits over that of conventional tennis:

(1) Hitting with power from both sides.
(2) Bigger wingspan: more easily reach those difficult shots.
(3) Avoid backhand injuries.
(4) Hand-eye coordination for both sides of the body.
(5) Less back strain.
(6) Less arm fatigue.
(7) Greater flexibility.
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