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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Sorry to intrude on all the tennis-related playoffs and tournaments, but this week has been a sad one for baseball: no one elected to the Hall of Fame, Earl Weaver passes, and just today Stan Musial, AKA Stan the Man, died. He was my dad's favorite player on my dad's favorite team. Lifetime average: .331. Amazing player and a humble gentleman.
I'll mourn with you, X. Indeed, a sad week for The Game. Weaver was the consummate AL manager. I loved his Kick the Dirt routine. 'Course, he had a helluva pitching staff to make it all (generally) work.

I'm just a tad too young to have seen Mr. Musial but everything I've ever read or heard about him was 1st Class. An entire career with the same club, interrupted only by (noncombat) military service at the end of WWII and married to the same woman for seven decades (yikes! I love my hubs...but 70+ years with him? Doubt it LOL). All of that independent of the stats he put up: almost 2000 RBIs, almost 500 HR (475!) and a lifetime BA higher than .330. Granted, I had to look up the actual numbers but they are truly impressive.

Really makes me glad the Hall put no one in this time. How could any of this crop have measured up to, well, Stan The Man?

/rant over
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