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I agree. I really don't care if any one of the top 4 (using them because they're the most important) is doping. To me anyway, it's quite obvious that all 4 of them have immense amounts of talent that is greater than everybody else with or without PED's. The whole Armstrong thing is a sham anyway. Yes he cheated, and he got caught, but I'd say 95% maybe more are using in cycling. I'm far from an Armstrong apologist, but the fact that he won 7 TDF using drugs just shows me he was the best among users which as I said is probably almost everybody in cycling. So what makes anybody think that he wouldn't win 7 TDF if everybody was clean including himself?
Well, I dunno, the fact that Armstrong HIMSELF said he didn't think he could have won all those titles without doping is a pretty good indication to ME, lol. That Armstrong is a PED abuser is finally a FACT, your remark about 95% of the tour being juiced is pure conjecture, nothing more. The assumption that because there are a few bad apples means they are ALL doping is ludicrous, IMO.
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