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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Is the frame simply a thicker version of the old mg and youtek radical pro (plus the graphene and the tight string pattern, of course)?
Which would mean a totally different frame...
It may similar to some of those, however, as I recall the MG Radical Pro lacked control, had a great spin, and did not have the solid feel that Speed Pro Graphene may offer on top...

I am playing with a Pro stock version of the IG Speed MP 315 (263.5). I love the silicon in the handle and was able to customize it to my liking -- lead around the hoop from 8 to 4, double layer on top. Total weight is 350g strung with OG, no dampener -- I find the feel of it to be MUCH better without the dampener. The balance of my stick is 32 cm, SW is between 340 and 350.
I also have one matched 263.2 (YT Speed MP) and it plays tad stiffer and a tad more powerful.

I will try the G Speed Pro when I return from Asia, probably Friday evening and will post my opinion. I expect a lot from it based on the (honeymoon) comments on this board, I am afraid it will not be my next stick
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