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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
I suspect that your friend with arthritis and meniscus tear, would have fared just as well without the surgery.
He had to stop playing. After the surgery he was able to play again.

A torn meniscus can involve a torn piece out of position that, for example, can cause the knee sometimes to lock in a bent position. I don't understand how those issues are factored in the statement 'that after two years both surgery and non-surgery have the similar outcomes'. How would the person get along without bending his knee? Does the study only involve asymptomatic meniscus tears? That might make more sense. ?

Just reread your first post. It sounds as if the patients were asymptomatic regarding meniscus injury. Seems reasonable. I don't think that a meniscus that is causing problems can be ignored because the surgery may not be effective for arthritis treatment, at the same time surgery may be effective for a meniscus injury with symptoms. Obviously a very complicated problem with both a meniscus injury causing symptoms along with serious arthritis. ? My friend and his Dr discussed exactly this issue and (second hand) the Dr sounded very familiar with dealing with it.

Here is a recent thread discussing the issues of arthritis and articular and meniscus cartilages. See especially the CF illustrations.

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