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Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
1: Eagnas has the most products of any other stringing company(at a better price).
2: From personal experience I have never had a problem with the customer service.
3: The build on MY Eagnas machine the is solid.

By the way on the thread it took just minor adjustment to fix my base clamp.
Now it's working like grease lightning!

Most tennis player are ignorant in how to properly adjust machines tools which explains a lot of crap said about Eagnas.
Not to say for all of the Eagnas stringers but mine has been a great stringer for the last few years.
Even some Master Racket Technicians use Eagnas.

If you want to get a very high end stringer where money is no object then get the Prince Neos 1500 or 1000 or take a look into electronic machines.
When money is not a consideration Eagnas has no place in the discussion. Their build quality is just not as good as the other major brands like Gamma, Prince, Alpha Babolat, Wilson etc. Also when you spend that much you want to be sure that if something goes wrong you ahve a real company to deal with not some guy who may or may not be helpful.

And a Neos 1000/1500 while a workhorse and found in many retail shops etc is not a "high end" stringer. Prince 3000 , wilson biardo, Babolat star 5, technifibre etc are "high end" machines which is what this poster is looking for.
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