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Originally Posted by vandre View Post
this. absolutely this!

i heard on sports radio that he did make a public statement about it but he had legal counsel there while he did. if you didn't have anything to do with it, why show up with a lawyer?
He did a two hour off camera interview with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN late on Friday, two days after the story broke. Seems like a long time to get your story straight to me. I still think he was in on it, something still isn't sitting right about this story, even if Ron(long name I can't remember) has done this before and claimed it was all his doing. Who calls someone their girlfriend when they still haven't met after 6 months? 12 months? Two years? Who claims to have skyped with someone in a 'black box' and doesn't get suspicious that he never gets to meet her in person or see her face? For almost 3 years? Naaaaah.
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