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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post

Yes, I've got to agree with this. I think that we all agree that Serena is an amazing talent and possibly has the best level of play overall, but she has not YET racked up the achievements to put her 2nd or even 3rd in the poll.

(PS: NadalAgassi, why don't you remind us one more time that Serena is 31? As if this makes your arguments more compelling or more credible. Yes, it is admirable that she is doing very well at 31 but it still does not magically put her ahead of players with considerably more achievements).
but it's funny how you want to look at achievements in a vacum in a conversation about greatness but want to ignore the conditions said achievements occured in. by your logic climbing mount everest is no big deal if you climb a bunch of small ones....
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