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I love how much the haters are burned Serena is 2nd on this poll, even in what is clearly a Serena hating forum. Truth is a poll done in the real World with thousands of voters, not only would Serena be atleast 2nd, she would be alot closer to Graf than she is here.

Also to the Graftards who keep pumping achievements this and achievements that, and numbers this, well if you are dead set on that then fine, dump Serena down to 5th or 6th all time as you so desperately want to, but now also give Margaret Court her rightful due and admit Graf is unworthy of her GOAT position, and it should be Court instead. After all every single one of Court's stats is better than Graf, more singles slams, more singles tournaments, would have more time at #1 if the computer rankings had been around then as she was by far the Worlds best player for more than 8 years of her career, an amazing doubles career vs the non existent doubles career of Graf. She also didnt need her biggest kryptonite stabbed to achieve any of that either, she did every bit of it on her own. So if you want to put down Serena by making it nothing more than a numbers game, then stop with this Graf GOAT nonsense as well and admit Court >>>> Graf which by a numbers and nothing else standpoint she clearly is. In the case of numbers and nothing else Navratilova with her doubles career and 167 tournament titles should also be higher than Graf, and Evert probably has a more complete singles career than Graf in many ways too. Of course Court's numbers are qualified with a bunch of excuses and it is suddenly not all about numbers when it is Graf vs Court, yet when it is Graf vs Serena it is. What a joke.

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