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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
The word some people are using is STEROIDS. Of course the WTA will never speak about it since without Serena you have at best a ho hum tour.
There are other possibilities as well. Human Growth Hormone (hGH) injections or supplementation is one. Another possibility is that Serena naturally produces high levels of hGH and/or testosterone.

There are quite few substances, other than anabolic steroids, that can elevate testosterone levels. Androstenedione (Andro) is one such substance. This supplement was very popular in the 1990s in the MLB (by home run king, Mark McGwire, and others). It has since been banned by the NFL, MLB, IOC and other sports governing bodies. I am not certain that it has been banned or addressed by the NBA, ITF or the USTA. In some areas/countries, Andro has been "legally defined" as an anabolic steroid even tho' it might not chemically actually be an anabolic steroid.

Since the ban of Andro by various governing bodies/agencies, a number of other designer testosterone-boosting supplements have hit the market. Some of these may actually be more potent/effective than Andro and may not (yet) be illegal or banned. One significant problem with Andro and similar testosterone-boosting products is that they can produce profound effects on mood, not unlike 'roid rage.

The Serena temper that we have seen on more than one occasion, can very well be a sign of elevated testosterone levels. I have personally experienced this pseudo 'roid rage with my limited experimentation with Andro supplments in the 90s. It produced a very marked increase in intensity and aggressiveness in my tennis game. It also produce a mild case of acne (in my 40s!). However, when I realized that it also produced a hair-trigger temper flareup every once in a while, I decided to stop using it.
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