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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
Whether Phelps juiced hardly matters. If he juiced, you know everyone else in the pool juiced. PEDs or not, dominating every aspect of a sport so thoroughly is unbelievable. Would be another matter if Phelps spent years suing and shaming and threatening people. Doesn't look like he's done that.
True, but it's really not about Armstrong or Phelps. Nor is it about the supposed evils of doping, but rather the culture endemic to the system in which it is regulated. It's easy for hormonally challenged teenagers to make themselves feel better with infantile smack talk about a good punching bag like Armstrong, while hardly anyone talks about what drove these athletes to lie in the first place. Instead we waste our time debating whether they juiced or not, all the while raising the irrelevant and frankly idiotic question about how Armstrong could buy himself a better support cast than others, as if rich athletes somehow don't enjoy the advantage already. And of course there's the unavoidable hero worship.

That said, now that he's finally admitted what many of us suspected for years Armstrong needs to do more than issue a carefully orchestrated mea culpa. His use of the passive voice in the Oprah interview was certainly not the way to go about it.
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