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Originally Posted by barringer97 View Post
Honestly, I don't think anyone who starts tennis in 9th grade (14-15 years old), should be paying for an academy.
I think he has to in order to have any chance to catch up. Having said that I thought he was in 9th grade now, but actually unsure how old he is now. Amir, are you taking privates with anyone or just in a group setting? Do you have a "true coach" looking out for you that could advise you (versus someone just taking your money)? Do you have any older friends or older brothers of your friends that are in tennis that could give you an honest perspective? A parent that has been there/done that to talk to? Does your HS coach have any clue? (some do, but many don't when it comes to college tennis). It sounds like you are going for the tennis thing which is great, but I don't want you to be blind sided when it comes to college time. You have to understand the levels out there and decide if colleges you actually want to attend fit with your tennis. And you want to go to the right college, not just because it has tennis that fits. It is so much more than that.

You mentioned losing in first round. Ya, it can suck, but every player can tell you there are a lot more losses than wins for most players. That's the best way to learn. Painful, but ya gotta take something from every loss.

It's great you are going for it, but know what you are aiming for and see if it is realistically in the target for you. I know people in Georgia are nice, there has to be someone that knows you, where you are at tennis wise and can give you some guidance. Search them out, they won't offer unless you ask. Once you do however, most tennis people will love to tell you what they know, as evidenced by this forum.

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